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Lubrifiant moteur spécial Bio éthanol View full size

Lubrifiant moteur spécial Bio éthanol

Invented in France and produced in France
SUPPLEMENTARY hyper lubricating base lubricant motor vehicle solely for running on E85. Instant action.
This product protects the valve seats and protects against unleaded gasoline, and an additional anti-pollution controls

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hyper lubricating base vehicle only of bio ethanol and LPG.

Has been developed as additional hyper-lubricant for petrol heads rapid protection of valves and hyper-lubricated, or for older vehicles running on unleaded or head engines gas vehicles. An additional cleaning injections also occurs.

  Lubricates intra-metal invariable infusible, smokeless combustion, in any fluid medium such as oil, water, sulfur, liquid clay, etc. ...

Avoid contaminants in high concentration. Increase the preventive depending on the contaminants. Avoid using cleaners or gasoline additives supposedly lubricants

Resistance torque shear and compression (maximum): 3000kg/mm. Water resistance phenomenal. No wear frictiométrie.

Exclusively intended for petrol. CAUTION: extreme concentration. Do not exceed 50ml per 60 liters of fuel and mix well beforehand. Frequency: 20 to 30,000 km.
Technologically superior to any fluid carrier is 7000000 times more potent. It is that the oil can not. It is the invariable and stable inorganic lubrication.

Specialist's opinion: New product, favorable word of mouth, we can truly felt his efficaité that after 60,000 km utlisation.