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Kit ethanol Flexyfuel Monopoint View full size

Kit ethanol Flexyfuel Monopoint

Made in Europe this ethanol kit is  100% automatic (automatically handles fuel changes)
This ethanol kit is the most simple and reliable on the market.

  • Cast in resin
  • 100% automatic
  • CE and TUV
  • Temperature sensor
  • Potentiometer settings (Cold Start)

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220,64 €

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Customer reviews (8/10): Works well, the only one currently on the market.

Specialist's opinion (9/10): The only kit available for single-point injections. The installation is simple, because there is only one cable to plug. On some vehicle you might need to cut  the ground wire and plug directly the ethanol kit. (See instructions)

Assembly time: After access to the injectors, it takes 20 minutes and 35 minutes if you decide to solder directly.

Advantages: Allows you to equip single point cars, manages automatically the fuel types changes, temperature sensor for cold start, simple settings, case 100% waterproof cast in resin.

Inappropriate: We provide only the  Bosch EV1 connector, usually they are too "small" compared to yours. Indeed, the single-connectors are no longer available on the market, it is impossible to find it on a sufficient quantity. Most customers in your case have either solder or hissing or others have found themselves the appropriate connector. (Garage, ebay ...)

  • Width 8 cm
  • Depth 3 cm
  • Weight 250 g
  • Cable lenght 1 m
  • Software included No
  • Temperature sensor No (external)
  • Water proof Yes, Cast into resine
  • Certificates CE and TUV
  • Box made of Plastic high temperature
  • Cables made of Sheath high temperature
  • Power by Permanente plus (like an audiocar)
  • Warranty 2 years