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Kit ethanol USB View full size

Kit ethanol USB

Ethanol kit made in Europe withsoftware settings (provided).
The software offers many settingsi while remaining easy to install.

  • Cast into resin
  • 100% automatic ( manages automaticlly fuels)
  • CE and TUV
  • Temperature sensor
  • Settings by computer (windows xp, vista, w7 and apple with windows emulator)

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249,00 €

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Kit ethanol USB 5 -15%

The USB ethanol kit Flexyfuel comes with a software to install on a computer which allows the user to reset all the "mappings" (injection parameters) of your vehicle. So you can choose the time of injectio and cold start sequences. The USB ethanol kit Flexyfuel kit is for  people with good technical knowledge.

Customer reviews (8/10): easy to use the software allows optimal settings.

Specialist's opinion (7/10): The software allows to improve the engine performance, live view of original settings of the vehicle will greatly ease the achievement of the best settings for your type of conduct.

Assembly time: After access to the injectors, it takes 20 minutes for the first istallation and 15 minutes for basic settings. Finding the best settings differ from one vehicle to another.

Advantages: Allows various settings while remaining safe for the engine. Offer real consmenption economy and a substantialy increase the torque. Remains easy to pick up for novices.

Downfalls: Setting computer can semms complicate at firs look, correct product quality for the price, the installer must mount himself connectors depending on the polarity of the vehicle.

  • Width 8 cm
  • Depth 3 cm
  • Weight 250 g
  • Cable lenght 1 m and 1.25m for (5/6/8/10/12 cylinders)
  • Software included yes (compatible windows xp, vista,W7 and apple with emulator)
  • Temperature sensor Oui (Externe)
  • Water proof Yes, Cast into resine
  • Certificates CE and TUV
  • Box made of Plastic high temperature
  • Cables made of Sheath high temperature
  • Power by permanent plus (like an audiocar)
  • Warranty 2 years