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Bioethanol is a biofuel produced in France and Europe from cereals (wheat, corn ...) or sugar beets, and for petrol engines. Bioethanol is the most widely used biofuel in the world.

The French objective is to incorporate 10% bioethanol fuel consumption in 2020, which corresponds to less than 3% of the area sown to beet French and cereals and less than 1% of the total agricultural area French: there is therefore no competition for food caused by the French bioethanol.
How do we manufacture bioethanol?
Bioethanol is produced by a fermentation process for industrial processing of sugar content in these plants into alcohol.
This crude alcohol (ethanol) is then distilled and dehydrated to obtain bioethanol.
Elsewhere in the world bioethanol can be produced from other vegetable crops such as sugar cane mainly used.
The bioethanol is derived remains non consomable sugar mouth. Thus the following sugars éxctraction called "mouth" rest molasses is used for the creation of bio fuel. Ethanol and bio waste is created thanks to the insudtrie sugar.
For petrol cars
When mixed directly with gasoline (in a proportion of 5% to 10% as SP95, SP98 or SP95-E10) and its use requires no engine modifications.

For cars equipped with an ethanol kit
When the form of E85 (85% ethanol and 15% gasoline). These cars can run on either gasoline fuels at all.