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Internet offers for ethanol kit box are numerous. Some are selling for under 150 €, while others are 800 € or more!

The kit E85 Flexyfuel is not the only quality ethanol kit offered on the market.  Below is a brief guide to help you compare products to make your best choice.

When purchasing you must first verify these few key points:

- Ensure you have a temperature sensor which provides seamless vehicle start in all weather conditions.
-The case must be automatic, thus avoiding any handling errors when changing the fuel.
-The electrical circuit must be protected from water and vibrations; the use of a resin is strongly advised.
-The CE and TUV norms help select products that meet European qualitative car standards
-The place of origin of the boxes is important. Considering both the production site (China, United States, Brazil and Europe) as well as the location of the company supplying the product is relevant. Taxes are different, prices vary, and custom fees may be added. To avoid any inconvenience the company must have at least one address and phone number in France, which facilitates customer service,  product return,  exchange, warranty and litigation resolution  all while abiding with French regulations.

.-The ability to benefit from telephone support will facilitate the timely resolution of any problem encountered during installation.
-Prices vary depending on the type of casing and properties. Some plug into the onboard computer, others require the installation of an oxygen sensor (same result as the other kit), some sell the box with installation...


You can appreciate the differences on those pictures


The advantages and Exclusive Services Flexy fuel:

- Cast resin in a sarcophagus Flexyfuel exclusive anti-moisture and anti-vibration makes it completely waterproof.
- The temperature sensor Flexy fuel ensures easy starting even in cold weather.
- 100% automatic, no manual intervention in case of change of fuel.
 - 40% savings at the pump, your kit is very quickly profitable.
- 70% less CO2 emissions.
- Kits ethanol Flexyfuel are CE certified and controlled by "TUV" German Agency recognized
- Are you satisfied or refunded within 15 days without justification
- Your Flexyfuel E85 kit is guaranteed for 5 years.
- You have a technical support available by phone or email.
- You install your own kit ethanol flexyfuel With a system of "plug and play'' very easy to install.