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  •  Can I run on gasoline if I have more than bioethanol?

Yes, the housing is 100% automatic, it recognizes the type of fuel and adjusts accordingly

  •  Will I lose power?

Not at all, it has often gain a level of engine torque

  • What is Bioethanol E85?

Bioethanol E85 is a fuel made from agricultural and consists of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline

  • Is my car compatible?

Yes, if it is a model equipped with a gasoline injection system and it was produced after 1993. See Table connectors.

  • Will running on bioethanol wear my engine faster?

No, if oil changes are done regularly, there is no additional wear

  • Will my consumption increase?

Yes, about 15% because a liter of ethanol develop less energy than a liter of gasoline

  • How long does installing the equipment in my car last ?

Installing the kit takes less than an hour.

  •  Where can I find E85 Bioethanol?

On our site, the iPhone app or the government website

  • How can I refuel?

Quite simply, this is exactly the same process as for a tank of gas

  •  It's all new, is it reliable?

Yes it's reliable and it's not so new. Bioethanol is used for example in Brazil since the late 70s and for several years in Norway, Germany, Sweden.

  • Can I space out my garbage?

No, ethanol is an alcohol, this one tends to dilute the engine oil and degrade more quickly, so it is advisor to the drain a little more often.

  •  Can I mix the SP95 and bioethanol?

Yes, the housing E85 adjusts carburation accordingly

  • What precautions must be taken before installing the kit E85?

We need the engine to be in perfect working order, free of defects in motor

  • What is the average price of a liter of bioethanol?

Per liter on average 0.85 €